Till minne av Khan Ohlsson

Här nedan kan du följa den mailkonversation som pågår mellan mig och mr Mike Anderson, "personal accountant" till min okände och förmögne men dessvärre tragiskt avlidne släkting Khan Ohlsson. Eftersom Khan lite oväntat bodde i västafrika så har det tydligen varit svårt att spåra upp mig - hans enda arvinge. Lyckligtvis finns det fortfarande hedersknyfflar som mr Anderson här i världen, som inte ger sig förrän rätt har blivit rätt.
Börja läs uppifrån, jag fyller på längst ner varefter mitt och mr Andersons gemensamma projekt utvecklas. Mr Anderson tenderar bitvis att bli lite långrandig i sina mail, säkert i likhet med många andra "personal accountants" hos vilka noggranhet ju ofta är en dygd. Det går därför att snabbscrolla hans delar om man känner för det, utan att tappa alltför mycket info.
Från: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>
Ämne: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 16 januari 2017 20:46:20 CET
Till: fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com

Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson

Firstly, I must solicit your confidence in this transaction.this is by Virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and top secret.Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make one apprehensive and worried,but I am assuring you that all will be well at the end of the day.

Let me start by first introducing myself properly to you.My name is Mike Anderson a personal accountant to late Mr.Khan Ohlsson My Purpose of contacting you is for you to help secure the funds left behind by
my late client,to avoid it being confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Bank where this fund was deposited by my client before his death.

The Bank has issued me a notice to contact the next of kin or the account will be declared unserviceable and the fund diverted to the Bank treasury.So far all my efforts to get a hold of someone related to this man has proved abortive.Hence,I have contacted You.I am actually asking for your consent to present you to the Bank as the Next of Kin/Beneficiary of my Late client's fund,since you have the same last name with him ,so that the proceeds of this account can be paid to your account.All the legal documentation to back up your claim as my client's Next of Kin I shall provided them.All i require is your honest cooperation to enable us achieve this transaction.

I wish to point out that I want 10% of this money to be shared among the charity Organization,while the remaining 90% is shared equally between us.This transaction is entirely risk free.I will use my position as the personal Accountant to guarantee the successful execution of this transaction.Please if you are interested get back to me Upon your response.I shall then provide you with more details.

The intended transaction will be executed under a Legitimate arrangement that will protect you and me from any breach of the law.However.If this business proposal offends your moral ethic,do accept my sincere apology.
If on the contrary you wish to achieve this goal with me,kindly get back to me with your interest for further explanations.

kindest Regards,
Mr.Mike Anderson
Från: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 17 januari 2017 08:39:11 CET
Till: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>

Dear mr Anderson,

Thank you for your mail.
I was devastated to hear that my dear uncle Khan Ohlsson has passed away! 
Is there any way I can help you in this moment of grief? On behalf of uncle Khan’s big family here in Sweden, I would really like to support you at least with the funeral arrangements. Given the generous tone in your mail, I take it that you wouldn’t accept any financial support, but maybe we can send flowers for the service, or food for the reception? 
Please let me know!

Warm regards,
Fredrik Ohlsson, nephew of late Mr Khan Ohlsson
Från: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 17 januari 2017 13:19:46 CET
Till: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>

Dear Fredrik
I received your mail.

Thank you so much for your email and also for your desire to assist me in this our mutually beneficial project.I assure you that this transaction is a reality.Your comment tells me that you are reliable and can be trusted.I am not a rich man but i rather remain as I am than to make millions today wind into trouble tomorrow.so any step we will take will be such that grantee your safety and mine.this business is 100% risk free.I contacted you because there is no way I can claim this money without the assist of a foreigner.
This Fund Belongs to Mr.Khan Ohlsson  who is now The deceased,Until his death he was the Manager of Khan COY[pty].He held this account with HSBC Bank of Ghana.I worked with him as his Personal.Accountant.
My Name is Mr.Mike Anderson.I am 51 years of age old,Married with 2 children .I am from a Christian home and by the Nature of our tradition and being the first born of my Father,I will occupy my Father's traditional Throne chair after he passes on, and being the traditional Chief of our community and as the heir apparent to the Royal Throne chair I can never, never do anything,that will tarnish your image or the image of the Great Celestyna family,the birth place and traditional home.

However it is my intention to be with you at least 2-3days ahead of the money going into your A/C then we will sign the binding agreement,after your bank must have been satisfied with the original documents which I will bring along with me to your country to show your bank or it's correspondence bank that the money is legal.
You should know that this opportunity can hardly come my way again in life so I have planned everything very well with an insider in the bank so be rest assured that everything will work out fine fine.
I really want to know more of you and I will want you to keep it very confidential at all times and also to be maintaining constant communications with me knowing that this business should take precedence over any other business for the mean time.
Transactions like this are capital intensive and that was why we have mapped out 5% of the entire sum for all accountable expenses that may be incurred by either you or myself.Eg.Telephone etc.
Let Me have the Following Information. Even Empty Account will be ok as long as is a Foreign Account.
(a)Your private phone,mobile and fax numbers.
(b)Your Full Name and address.
(c)Your date of birth, marriage status.
(D)Your Occupation and Position In your company.
(E)Account Name:
(F)Account Number:
(G)Bank Name:
(H)Bank address:
Routine/Swift Code number (if any):
(I)Your International passport.

I hope to receive your urgent response.

Thanks and remain Blessed.

Mr.Mike Anderson
Från: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 17 januari 2017 18:48:33 CET
Till: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>

Dear Mr Anderson,
I am so glad that you wrote back, I was afraid that the whole thing was just a misstake. You see, Khan is a very common name in Sweden, and I thought perhaps it was a different Khan Ohlsson and not my beloved uncle. Just to make sure - was his full name Khan-Börje Ohlsson or Khan-Kalle Ohlsson? It is two different branches of the family you see, and we aren’t particularly fond of the Khan-Börje clan to be honest.  

I am very surprised to hear that uncle Khan ended up in Ghana! He surely was an adventurous person, and the last anyone heard of him was when he went to sea with a shrimp-trawler back in 1985. Rumors has it that he ended up in Reykjavik and got married, but obviously his restlessness took him all the way to Africa! God sure has mysterious ways!         

Please Mr Anderson, you have to tell me, did Khan ever speak about me? We were very close when I was a child and he use to call me his little ”Dumhövve” which is a Swedish nickname for someone you respect highly. Did he ever mention any of this to you? Maybe you were his Dumhövve in Ghana, did he ever call you that?
Please let me know how I easiest can assist you with the funeral arrangements. And Mr Anderson, don’t let the grief get you too disheartened, we both know that Khan wouldn’t have wanted it that way. Cheer up!  

Warm regards,
Fredrik Ohlsson
Från: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 17 januari 2017 20:28:08 CET
Till: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>

Dear Frederik 

I received your mail your uncle die since 5year ago and he was buried here in Ghana.he used your name as next of kin to receive the fund which was deposited in HSBC Bank here .so we want to transfer the fund yo your account.

The total amount is 30Million Dollars.

Pls send all the information need to proceed .

Call me +23323843942

Waiting to hear from yo


Från: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 18 januari 2017 17:57:05 CET
Till: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>
Dear Mr Anderson,
I was really sad to hear that dear uncle Khan has been deceased for as long as five years, and no one of his large family in Sweden had any knowledge of it. It is also really heartbreaking to realize that you have spent all this time trying to get hold of me without ever giving up the hope. From the bottom of my heart; thank you Mr Anderson! Thank you for reaching out over the continents!
I would be very happy if you could help me transfer the funds of Khan Ohlsson to his family here in Sweden. But between you and me, is it possible to make this transaction without the Khan-Börje side of the family get to know about it? As I mentioned, we are not huge fans of them. I will not go in to details, but it all started at the yearly family surströmmingskalas a few years ago where a couple of them (and I will not mention any names here) behaved really bad, to say the least. I sincerely think that old uncle Khan would have wanted them to be kept out of this. 
I have to ask you a favor; is it possible for you to deliver some flowers to Khan Ohlsson’s grave from me? Maybe I can do this from Sweden, I don’t know, but it might be easier if I just transfer money for the flowers to you, so that you can make sure they get delivered to the right place. I know it’s a lot to ask for, given all the work you have already put into this, but I feel I have to send Khan Ohlsson this last farewell.
Warm Regards,
Fredrik Ohlsson
Från: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 18 januari 2017 18:59:45 CET
Till: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>

Dear Sir
Mr.Ohlsson talk so much about before he pass out the most important thing now is to secure the th fund first,

waiting to hear from you

Från: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 19 januari 2017 18:40:42 CET
Till: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>

Dear mr Anderson,

First of all, is it ok if I call you Mike? Since I can sense a slightly less formal tone in your last mail, I thought I dare to ask if we might get rid of the titles? Forgive me if I am rushing our friendship here, mr Anderson, but I feel that we connect somehow. Like you and old Khan perhaps. Do you feel the same? It is important for me that we are on the same wave-length if we are going to do this project. 

My eyes really teared up when I read your touching description of how uncle Khan talked about me before he passed out. I guess he passed out first and then actually died? Were you by his side? What did he say exactly, mr Anderson? 

I was trying to swisha 1.000 sek (appx 110 USD) for the flowers to your mobile number, but it didn’t work. I then realize that this most likely doesn’t work with Ghanian mobile numbers. You know, me and modern technology ;-) Is there any way I can transfer the money to you in an easy way? 

Från: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 19 januari 2017 19:46:59 CET
Till: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>

Dear fredrik,

Thanks once again for your mail.

You send it with his name below send it through WESTERN UNION

First name :Tega

Second name: Kelvin

Family name:Wouko.

Country: Ghana.

Waiting to hear from you

Från: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 20 januari 2017 01:12:26 CET
Till: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>

Dear Mr Anderson,

You have to forgive my total ignorance. I naively just assumed that 110 USD should be enough for a nice bouquet for uncle Khans grave, but then I realized I have no idea of how much flowers really cost in your country. Most likely much, much more. And you didn’t mention this with one word. Classic Humble Mr Anderson :-) But I will NOT let you pay as much as one more cent out of your own pocket after all the trouble that you have gone through allready.

So could you please do me a small favor and check how much 20 white roses would cost? Or do you think roses are too traditional for uncle Khan? You have to guide me here Anderson, but maybe he was more of a orchid type of person, don’t you think? Could you check the price for 20 orchids while at it. And white carnations. 20 of them. Or 25. Whichever you think is appropriate. We don’t want to overdo it. 

Please come back to me promptly so I can send you the money! 

Warmest of regards,
Från: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 20 januari 2017 15:45:05 CET
Till: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>

Dear Frederik

Thank s for your mail.Rose flowers is the best it will cost 450usd to buy nice one. 




Från: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: Attention:Fredrik Ohlsson
Datum: 20 januari 2017 17:27:44 CET
Till: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>

Dear mr Anderson,
I just transferred the 450 USD for the roses to your account via Western Union as instructed. The money seemed to have gone through allright from this end, can you please confirm that you received them? (By the way, I discovered last second that you mistakenly had written wrong name in the instructions, so I changed it into "Mike Anderson" instead of "Tega Kelvin Wouko”. Phew! That was a close one! Would have been ironic if all that money had ended up with some stranger…)    
Could you please send me a picture of the grave when it is draped in all those white beautiful roses? I will pass it on to all of Khan's relatives here in Sweden (well except for the you know who's...), and I’m quite sure that they will want to do the same arrangement with you Mr Andersson, if you can spare the time.    
I wish you and your family the best of weekends, mr Anderson!
Hakuna matata,
Fredrik Ohlsson
Från: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re:urgent
Datum: 21 januari 2017 18:41:13 CET
Till: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>

Dear Fredrik,

Sorry i have not receive any money . i told you to send to my
Secretary Tega Kelvin Wouko because my passport expired last 4 days ago
and it will take one month to get new one .so please kindly send the
money to  Tega Kelvin Wouko. and send me the MTCN number and senders




Från: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: urgent
Datum: 22 januari 2017 01:11:49 CET
Till: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>
Aha, that explains it! What stupid rules that require identification from an honest man like you Mr Anderson! 
Good thing though is that this gives us time to reflect a little over the flower arrangements. Could you do me a huge favor and take a picture of uncle Khans grave and send it to me? I would like to see how it looks so I can decide what kind of flowers I would like to have on it, then I can resend the money.

Från: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: urgent
Datum: 22 januari 2017 13:27:28 CET
Till: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>


Från: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: urgent
Datum: 22 januari 2017 18:59:37 CET
Till: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>

Dear Mr Anderson,

You can’t imagine what an emotional roller coaster it was for me to see uncle Khans final resting place. I am so grateful! By sending me this picture you have certainly qualified to be my special Dumhövve!

One thing puzzles me though - you told me Khan Ohlsson passed away five years ago, but the inscription at the gravestone says he died 1993? I know that uncle Khan was ahead of his time, but maybe not to the extent that he would bury himself 19 years before he died. Could it be that you have your own system of counting the years, a little like the North Koreans? 

And first I stupidly mistook the writings on the stone for being Russian letters, but then I realized that this has to be the alphabet of your beautiful language! Please mr Anderson, what does the inscription say? I will need to know this in order to being able to perfectly compose the flower arrangement for Khan’s grave. But I can tell you right now that it will not be enough with only 20 white roses, we will have to go much bigger now when I know the beauty of this place.

Warm regards,


Från: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>
Ämne: Re: urgent
Datum: 22 januari 2017 17:54:01 CET
Till: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>

Dear Fredrik

Mr.Khan was working with a Russian company here they are the one who
buried him ,so i don't know what is the meaning of the 1993 it was
written in Russian language.

The most important now is send the money for rose if you wish or lets
proceed to transfer his money which was deposited in the Bank in your
name as the next of kin.

Please send me your private phone mobile number to reach you.

I want to speak with you on phone.

waiting to hear from you



Från: Fredrik Ohlsson <fredrik.m.ohlsson@gmail.com>
Ämne: Fwd: urgent
Datum: 23 januari 2017 20:28:57 CET
Till: "Mr.Mike Anderson" <a.m.n0001@gmail.com>

Dear Mr Anderson,
I write to you with bad news I’m afraid.
I showed the picture of the beautiful christian grave to my old grandmother, uncle Khans second aunt, and she was terribly upset. It appears that Khan Ohlsson wasn’t christian at all, but a firm believer in the old Norse gods Thor, Oden, Freja, Knatte and Fnatte. The poor old man is buried in unholy soil (in his perspective, that is). 
As I see it, the only thing we can do to give uncle Khan his final rest, is to perform a proper Viking burial ceremony. I am going to need your help here Anderson, and I will come back with exact instructions on how this should be done. 
I agree we need to speak in person. Please call me as soon as possible, you can reach me in my office on number +46856485160. Just ask for me in the switchboard (I am a busy man, so sometimes they are reluctant to let the call through. If nothing else work, just call them Dumhövve, and they will understand the high importance of your call.)
Speak to you soon,

(Kommentar; numret går till Skatteverket, vida berömda för sina hopplösa telefonköer. Hoppas Mr Anderson kommer fram snabbt, för det är nog väldigt dyrt att ringa från Ghana till Sverige.)



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#73 - - Assar:


#74 - - Assar:

För er som gillar sånt här kan rekommendera till exempel denna sajt. http://www.419eater.com/

#75 - - jari:

Mycket bra skrivet :)

Troligen denna kända scammare http://www.yourittoday.com/scammer.php?scammerid=1008486

#76 - - Joanna:

Jag döööör va roligt!! :D :D :D

#77 - - Hanna Karlsson:

Haha, följer den här tråden med spänning!

#78 - - Eva Widgren:

HELT Underbart kul! Tack för många skratt och nu är man så spänd vad ska Tega eller Mr. andersson svara?!

#79 - - Assar:

Läs om Anus computers.

#80 - - Rebecka:


Mycket fint, mycket fint.

#81 - - Anonym:

Han kanske kan tänka sig medverka på en bild😉

#82 - - Katrin:

Tack för underhållningen och alla goda skratt! Underbart att du orkar hålla masken och driva saken så långt!
Blir lite sugen på att istället för slänga skräpposten följa ditt exempel.

#83 - - Joanna:


#84 - - Anonym:

Jag har kiknat av skratt! Underbar humor. Tack😃

#85 - - Anonym:

Underhållning på hög nivå! Knatte å Fnatte å vikingaceremoni. Asg. :-D

#86 - - Annica:

Åh, herregud! Att de attans ryssarna begrov stackars farbror Khan i ohelig jord! Det blir till att författa ett testamente och tydliggöra att jag också vill bli begravd i jord välsignad av de heliga Knatte, Fnatte och Tjatte, så att inte mina efterlevande gör samma misstag. Ryssarna har kanske helt enkelt strukit vissa otrevliga revolutionsår ur sin räkning, det skulle kunna förklara det felaktiga årtalet.

#87 - - Liza:

Men gud va roligt!! 😂

#88 - - Ingells:

Det mest underhållande jag läst på länge 🤣 Khan Ohlsson lär jag aldrig glömma!

#89 - - Ingells:

Det mest underhållande jag läst på länge 🤣 Khan Ohlsson lär jag aldrig glömma!

#90 - - Anonym:

Fruktansvärt roligt

#91 - - Anonym:

Här är originalbilden på graven. Killen har photoshop skills 😂
http://www.americanmonumental.com/img/photos/russian-orthodox/WEB.CULTURAL.RUSSIANORTHODOX 003.jpg

#92 - - Anonym:

Mr Mike Anderson var en ngt rödlätt kontakt på min Skype. Min departed relative hade vid tillfället ett stort antal bokhållare,revisorer och advokater. Min uncle var en vittberest äventyrlig mångsysslare som blev skjuten i Libyen medan han omkom i en jordbävning och därvid drunknade i Indonesien. Han hade också dödförklarats efter ett fösvinnande i Bolivia/Colombia 😢😖😂. Beundrar Ditt tålamod o Din fyndighet 😁

#93 - - Anonym:

Varför står det '"dimitri" längst ner på gravstenen hahahahaha
Fråga om det är dödgrävarens namn LOL

#94 - - Anonym:

Sitter här och skrattar så jag nästan dör, undrar om Mr Andersson kan hitta mina släktingar :-)
Absolut det roligaste jag läst på länge, tack för skratten :-)

#95 - - Anonym:

Kanske dags att införa lite förhandling om spliten av förtjänsten. Jag menar, är det rimligt att han får lika mycket som du. Du skall ju betala den orimligt höga svenska skatten. Förmodligen kommer du också åka på hans skatt, eftersom pengarna kommer in på ditt konto. Jag föreslår att fördelningen dig/Anderson/välgörenhet blir 70/20/10.

#96 - - Anonym:

Hahaha Glöm inte att han satt undan 5% dvs 1.5 mil till utgifter såsom telefon kostnad etc HAHAHA

#97 - - Anonym:

Haha helt underbart😂😂😂😂

#98 - - Anonym:

Haha helt underbart😂😂😂😂

#99 - - Anonym:

Du skulle gett numret till barncancerfonden för en gåva......

#100 - - Anonym:

Åhh så roligt😂😂😂 undrar hur detta slutar😜😂

#101 - - Anonym:

Men oj då! https://www.google.se/imgres?imgurl=http://www.americanmonumental.com/img/photos/russian-orthodox/WEB.CULTURAL.RUSSIANORTHODOX%2520003.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.americanmonumental.com/russian-orthodox.php&h=800&w=540&tbnid=abxxhhu0uBa6mM&tbnh=273&tbnw=184&usg=__H6KqnfLVty7W4QzIe7xSF904n8g=&hl=sv-se&docid=1r0c0wEndKq-4M

#102 - - Henrik:

Detta har jag ägnat mig åt i flera år, man kan ha väldigt roligt med dessa sacammer.
Besök gärna:
Där har du diverse roliga ting för att driva den stackaren till vansinne.

#103 - - Det Går inte att öppna din länk:

Din länk funkar inte!

#104 - - Anonym:

Längtar efter att få läsa den spännande fortsättningen 😂😂😂

#105 - - Anonym:

hahahaha du har inspirerat oss Fredrik! Fick ett mail av döende Mrs Ruth som ville donera hela sin fantastiska förmögenhet till vår kristna organisation. Vi svarade med att beklaga att hon var så sjuk och hur ärade vi kände oss att hon hade valt just vår organisation. Men, skrev vi, för att det finns så många falska människor därute vill vi förvissa oss om att hon var trovärdig. Som tecken på det frågade vi henne att sätta in en donation på 10.000 USD via vår ministry website. Efter den donationen kunde vi ta kontakt igen:))

#106 - - Lovisa Ahlman:

Beklagar sorgen❤️

#107 - - Lovisa Ahlman:

Beklagar sorgen❤️

#108 - - Lovisa Ahlman:

Beklagar sorgen❤️

#109 - - Lovisa Ahlman:

Beklagar sorgen❤️

#110 - - sanna:

Här är orginalbilden :)


#111 - - Anonym:

Detta är bara så himla skoj att följa!

#112 - - Anonym:

Det här är så himla roligt!
Vilken superidé att göra som du gör😂
Hoppas det tar ett tag innan han kommer på att du driver med honom och att du orkar fortsätta 😊
Sist men inte minst:
Beklagar sorgen. Måste kännas tufft 😎😂

#113 - - Gunilla Bladh:

Så mycket har jag inte skrattat sen nylonstrumpan på svartvit tv! Läge för humorprogram på TV!!!! Kram <3

#114 - - Hanna:

Du är en sann förebild!

#115 - - Hilma:

Detta är så himla bra! Jag följer med spänning. Och beklagar sorgen förstås.

#116 - - Anonym:

😂😂😂 blir bara bättre och bättre!! Kan inte sluta skratta!

#117 - - Teza:

Herrejisses vad roligt! Undrar hur länge han kommer hålla på?

#118 - - Anonym:

Herregud... jag tror jag dör...av skraskratt 😂😂😂 underbart!!! TACK!!!

#119 - - Anonym:

Så himla kul!

#120 - - Anonym:

Man måste bara älska dig Fredrik. Hur skall detta sluta? Vem ger upp först? Ser fram emot nästa mejlkonversation. 👍😂

#121 - - Anonym:

Har Mr Andersson gett upp, eller sitter han fortfarande i telefonkö till Skatteverket?!?

#122 - - Kalle:

Nu har det gått några dagar...läge att ta upp konversationen igen!

#123 - - Anonym:

Hahaha. Fråga honom varför texten på graven är på tror ryska

#124 - - André:

Hahaha! Det här är det roligaste jag läst på länge!

#125 - - Paula Smilee:


#126 - - Anonym:

Inga nyheter från Mr Anderson?

#127 - - Anonym:

Finns grymt bra scammertrådar på flashback. Kvinnor som söker män etc.

#128 - - Anonym:

Har Mr Anderson tystnat totalt...
Kanske bara är ute och köper blommor...

#129 - - Anonym:

Hvem har blitt lurt? Fredrik, Mr Anderson eller vi? 😉 Ble plutselig veldig stille fra både Fredrik og Mr Anderson😊 God historie da👍🏼

#130 - - Caroline:

Å, jag verkligen älskar att läsa denna "följetong"! Fasansfullt roligt och underhållande, jag beundrar din språkliga (milda) ton och dina vansinniga frågor, upplysningar och idéer! <3

Fortsätt så! :-D

#131 - - Anonym:

Du är en sån person som jag vill bjuda på surströmmingskalas!!!

#132 - - Anonym:

Åååh vad jag önskar att jag fått höra samtalet med skatteverket och hur hårt de la på luren när han kallade dem för Dömhöve... 😊

#133 - - Anonym:

:D :D :D :D :D bästa läsning på länge, jag gråter :D :D :D

#134 - - Anonym:

Väntar med spänning på fortsättningen!